Thursday, 13 March 2008

I received an email from … Is my domain about to expire?

Dear London Software Consultant,

As you know, I started a free Microsoft Office Live site for my small business. This has worked well and already generated me a lot of additional business which I know for a fact came from this source.

Today, I got this thing in the mail from Domain Registry of America. They are They say my domain will run out in July and I should pay $30 for the year till July 2009. Do I need to pay them? There are all kinds of domain places right? Should I throw this away or not?

Microsoft Office Live has not informed me I have to do this. I have a feeling they just saw my name online and wrote me. Whassup with this?

Yours, Concerned.

Yeah that sounds like a spam to me. I think Microsoft will automatically renew your domain for you when the renewal is needed.

You can find information about this here:

Your “whois” record does indicate that you domain is up for renewal in July. However I expect Microsoft will automatically renew it prior to this date. You can view your whois record on the following link:

I would check the whois register again on the 1st of July or a bit before. If Microsoft do not automatically renew it for you, I think you have a period of time after that date where you can transfer to a new host.

I’m fairly sure there is a “cooling off” period after the domain expires when no one else can register it. Certainly I would expect Microsoft to contact you prior to any expiration of your domain if any such is in the offing.

I think I’ve had stuff from DROA before too… just spam. Ignore it.

Best wishes.