Monday, 17 September 2007

Mikomi (Argos!) USB Pen drive HELL

Speaking purely from my own experience, I certainly have no statistics to show how many Mikomi USB Flah "Pen" Drives are defective, but I bought one as a business purchase using my company business card from a local Argos on 12th September 2007, and was using it carry around important files with me that relate to my business.

This morning (17th September 2007 - 5 days later) when I go on to it, the data looks like this:

Mikomi I did not realise is a brand name for Argos own electronic products. I paid £50 (about $100) for this 8 gig drive code: USBFD8GB - a "USB 2.0 Flash Drive 8GB".

The drive now says it is "read only" - so I can't take the garbage off. I ran it through the data recovery program "Active Undelete". That has worked miracles for me in the passed but could do nothing with this.

Did a quick search and found some one who bought a similar item (4 gig) and it completely trashed her system - so I suppose I should count my blessings that didn't happen to me.

I took the drive back into my local store who said they would only give me a refund if I hand over the drive. But possibly is has confidential data on it which someone with the right equipment will be able to access so I can't do that.

Bottom line is, I buy a drive from Argos which breaks down within 5 days and I have NO RECOURSE. They won't give me either a refund or a replacement. I suggested that we could take a hammer to it so I could be confident no-one could access my company data on the unit, but they wouldn't do that either.

Perhaps one lesson is this:

Always try out a new pen drive for at least 2 week with data that is not at all confidental or sensitive, prior to putting anything on it that is confidential. That way if it dies you can get a replacement from the likes of Argos / Mikomi.

I am writing a letter to their head office about this, so may yet still get my refund... I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime if you know any cool tools for data recovery from pen drives please do let me know in the comments.

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