Monday, 17 September 2007

Letter to Argos Mikomi

Here is the email I have just sent off to Argos / Mikomi ( ... (we shall see what response I get). You need to read the previous post for the background to this.

I purchased an 8gig Mikomi USB Flah "Pen" Drive as a business purchase using my company business card from my local Argos on 12th September 2007, and was using it carry around important files with me that relate to my business including confidential information.

It became defective after 5 days of use. All the data files appear scrambled, and the drive has become locked so that nothing can be changed either adding or subtracting.

I am a computer professional with 20 years of experience and have several other similar devices from other manufacturers - none of these other devices has ever misfunctioned in this way for me.

I paid £50 for this 8 gig drive code: USBFD8GB - a "USB 2.0 Flash Drive 8GB".

When I try to reformat the drive it responds with "read only" - so I can't take the garbage off. It may be possible to recover confidential information from this garbage - and I certainly can't take the risk of handing over the drive to be returned to a factory where this confidential data is out of my control.

I took the drive back into the store, today (17th September 2007) and spoke to customer services staff there. As a reference for the conversation they gave me the name of the person in charge and the Manager's name.

They said they would only give me a refund if I hand over the drive. But it has confidential data on it which someone with the right equipment may be able to access - so I can't do that.

Bottom line is, I have bought a pen drive from Argos-Mikomi which breaks down within 5 days and I have NO RECOURSE. They won't give me either a refund or a replacement.

I suggested that we could take a hammer to it so I could be confident no-one could access my company data on the unit, but they wouldn't do that either. They said if they did that then argos HQ would expect that particular branch to foot the bill for the item.

You can verify that all this is true by speaking to the staff at the store.

My request is that you give me Argos vouchers to the value of the defective item (£50) so that I can purchase a replacement of a different brand. I won't be making the mistake of buying "Mikomi" products again.

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